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Andrew Watkins
Code ✣ Software Design ✣ Full Stack ✣ Data Science

Science solutions designer and product development. Guiding researchers from lab concept to production systems.

30+ years of Python, Javascript, C/C++ across science, medicine, engineering, process control, mobile, including sensor networks, SCADA, Data acquisition, Analysis, & Visualisation.

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About Andrew

  • I design and write software to solve real world problems.
  • I listen and focus on your needs and help guide you through the stages that take an idea from conception to realisation
  • I specialise in the challenges facing scientists and researchers having worked with multiple research organisations including NIWA, Plant and Food, and the University of Auckland.
  • I have run my own company and led a start-up mobile phone company software team through a high growth period.
  • I have created and developed multiple agile cross-functional teams and led a major open-source project with hundreds of contributors.
  • I now work from my home on Waiheke Island and focus on projects for environmental science and social well being.
  • I am available for mentoring of software developers and research software engineers.
  • I give talks and run workshops on various technologies.
  • When not coding I sing and act with the local theatre company.